1-Day Workshop
April 7, 2021


Why I created this program

Most of us women have not been formally trained to be leaders, and have been left to figure out our own leadership style. This often means we’ve had to work around the “accepted” image of what a leader looks like — a model that isn’t natural for us and, in fact, has made us LESS effective, and perhaps LESS successful in our work.

I created the ATL program to address this problem in two major ways:

  1. Teaching the Comfluence™ mindset that allows people to bring in BOTH their strongest masculine and feminine qualities into their leadership style.
  2. Teaching the skillset needed for more effective leadership, i.e.,:
    1. How to activate the vision that will guide you and your team forward
    2. Leadership skills in time management, planning, self-motivation, communication with your team, and more
    3. How to build the relationships that will accomplish your vision
    4. Ways to handle setbacks and disappointments and to keep on-track with your goals
    5. The benefit of support and connections from fellow students and our team of experts

My personal “why” for this program is that I don’t want to see any woman with a fire in her belly to be blocked from success because of society’s mixed messages about how women are expected to behave as leaders. I truly believe Comfluential™ Leadership is needed for today’s women leaders to solve tomorrow’s problems!

So, if you're feeling frustrated in your role as a leader please don't give up. You're meant to follow your dreams, you just need to iron out some of the kinks. Let us show you how:

When: Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7)
Where: On-line (Zoom link provided after registration)

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Many women have been called to take a leadership role, inspired by a Big Idea or a vision for meaningful change, and knowing they have something valuable to offer.  Yet, they find themselves trying to model what they THINK a leader looks like and, like a round peg in a square hole, it’s not working. The struggle may show up in several ways ... people are not getting your vision; decision-making is feeling fuzzy and insecure; outside advice often seems out of integrity; taking charge makes you sound b***chy while holding back misses opportunities; feeling out-of-sync in relationships; not receiving the support you need from a high-performing team to implement your plans ...

Or, simply having a deep, uneasy sense that the way you are performing is out of alignment with the person you are inside. You know that you have more potential than you’re accessing — a higher vision to fulfill!

Leading effectively means that you know who you are as a leader. You know your particular leadership style and mindset. You know where to get support and inspire others to follow you; what to focus on and the smart risks to take; how to move your vision forward and keep dogged on that strategic path to success — ON YOUR TERMS. You can’t do it by following a worn-out leadership model that doesn’t fully represent you. To be honest, true leadership looks different for everyone, as multi-faceted and unique as you are.

This program is especially for you if you are a seasoned or emerging leader with a fire in your belly to become the best you can be to create the greatest impact.

It’s absolutely critical for you if you are a woman who wants something different from the centuries-old, outdated male-centric stereotype of what a leader is supposed to be!

It’s a model that expects women to fit by being commanding, competitive, focused, decisive, fearless, aggressive. If you don’t show up like that, you’re seen as too emotional, indecisive, and weak. Yet if you DO show up like this, men (and women) can tend to feel uncomfortable, even threatened by or angry with you — because it’s not what society expects. So you get shunned, demoted, or even fired (for reasons that aren’t the REAL ones...).

So, if this model of leadership doesn’t work, what do you do instead? Do you adapt? Fight it? Work around it? Stop leading altogether?

It can be a dilemma for both men and women who want to lead with passion and purpose.

This is why we’ve assembled a team of seasoned leadership experts to offer a program whose goal is nothing less than to shift that whole paradigm for you. It’s core is Comfluential™ Leadership.  To awaken the new, authentic leader within you, and discover the qualities and strengths that you bring to any table you want to sit at. We go deep together to tap into your own unique leadership qualities and values — what leading looks like to YOU, the heart, the vulnerabilities, the compassion, the feminine and masculine traits which you can bring out and blend in powerful ways.  What leading means to you and what it means to the needs of your team and your clients.

And we’re taking it even further … to implement Comfluence concepts to your business, this 1-day Workshop will show you how to have the courage, confidence, tools, guidance, and allies you need to truly lead your team into the change YOU want to see happen.

Experience how to:

  • Activate your vision with crystal clarity
  • Gain important leadership skills
  • Carve a strategic path to move forward
  • Build a team that will support you
  • and much more.

“I have expanded and leveled off my company at double what I was making before, and as I become more skilled and consistent in Comfluential™ Leadership I plan to expand again.” –Gayle Bode, Bode Office Solutions

When: Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7)
Where: On-line (Zoom link provided after registration)

Register for only $497


Awaken The Leader
1-Day Workshop

Defined Outcome
Provide individuals who lead "teams" with skills, training, and techniques to create and lead high-performing "teams" while deepening client relations, enhancing retention, and providing world-class solutions for their clients inside / outside the organization

Some of what will be covered:

• Mindset
• Vision
• Leadership Models and Styles
• Goal Setting
• Connections/Electric Allies
• Identify Your Movement
• Explore Your Mission

Register for only $497


Leadership Expert Linda Patten is on a mission to do nothing less than fundamentally change how leadership is done in the world!

With leadership experience spanning the military (including protocol officer to a 4-star general), corporate, and entrepreneurial arenas, Linda has trained 1000s of men and women to step into their natural and powerful leadership roles.

Linda’s high-caliber interactive keynotes and trainings are based on her ground-breaking Comfluential™ Leadership Model featured in her #1 international bestselling book. She is creator of The Art of Herding Cats: Leading Teams of Leaders, book and 12-step program,  Awaken the Leader trainings, and founder and CEO of Dare2Lead With Linda. As host of the top-selling syndicated VoiceAmerica radio show, Leadership Stars, and invited to appear regularly on radio, TV, and stage, Linda Patten  shares her expertise in all things leadership.

“The ability to be an extraordinary leader lies within you.”

When: Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7)
Where: On-line (Zoom link provided after registration)